dali controller

DALI is the young generation lighting control protocol in the realm of lighting control at present, Which adopt Manchester encoding transmission, With overall, grouping dimming, addressing dimming, various scene mode set, brightness traced, etc. powerful dimming function. Modern top grade hotel, shopping mall, household increasingly request high standard to lighting system. DALI protocol bus-mastering with simple, reliable, superior function etc. features, are used widely, showing the powerful advantage in the realm of intelligent lighting control.

DALI bus-mastering protocol is the intelligent lighting master match using with the dimmable ballast before , used to adjust the lighting scenarios of the fluorescent. DALI LED dimmer launched by LTECH which following the IEC62386/IEC60929 standard, can connect any equipment that accord with DALI protocol to 1 DALI bus-mastering ,which realize the LED lighting products and traditional lighting integrated in the same lighting system , greatly facilitate the users.

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